BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by Arnold Patent in YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

“Any discomfort we experience is a result of locking energy in our bodies. More particularly, it is a result of attaching thoughts to feelings. Something occurred in our experience which we interpreted in a way that created the attachment. This usually occurs when we perceive that another person is expressing less than unconditional love and support for us. Such a judgment stops the free flow of feelings through our bodies.

How then do we release the energy block? Stated another way, how do we detach the thought or judgment from the feeling? From my examination of the various alternatives offered, I find the simplest and most effective to be the concept of forgiveness, which is really the complete suspension of judgment.

As we practice forgiving the person we previously judged, or are judging, as unloving toward us, we loosen the attachment of the judgment to the feeling. Since some of our judgments run deep and strong, we must practice forgiveness for an extended period, until we release the judgment totally.”

                   Arnold Patent, in “You Can Have It All”
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