PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 by Gary Spinell in IT WAS YOU, ALL ALONG

“Many people make no attempt to move forward, thinking, “But what if I try and fail?” or “What if I try and end up losing everything?” Remember, you create it all of it. When you believe you have the power to create your world, and that creative power cannot be turned on and off but something you do with every breath, you will embrace knowing you create EVERYTHING in your world.

Success is rarely, if ever, accomplished in one attempt. Have you ever watched an infant attempt to take his/her first steps? She will pull herself up against something, holding on tightly to the sofa or chair, only to fall back down again. Does the child give up after a few tries? Stop and strongly consider that if we all gave up after a few tries, none of us would be walking and running today! This is no small accomplishment for the baby. In her world learning to walk is similar to us to obtaining as large of goal we can imagine.

The infant is relentless in her attempts and does not quit. Instead the infant – even one so young – figures out what went wrong, makes adjustments and tries again. Nowhere in the infant’s head is the idea of failure. At no time does the child consider she will never walk, how she will be viewed if she cannot walk, and how she will view herself if she cannot walk. None of these thoughts enter her mind. Only adults have these thoughts when approaching new goals.”

Gary Spinell, in “It Was You, All Along”

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