BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 by Rev. Christian Sorenson in GRATITUDE, A WAY OF LIFE BY LOUISE HAY AND FRIENDS

“Life is an abundant broadcasting system, just waiting for us to tune in to its infinite varieties. As we turn our attention to the positive side through praise and appreciation, we bring ourselves into harmony with this giving frequency. There seems to be a magnetic force that draws our awareness to the ever-present and expanding good.

It’s as if our conscious and subconscious work diligently to attract only those experiences that support our state of mind. Looking through the eyes of gratitude, we become a channel to bring forth more things to be grateful for. We are told to “be thankful for all things.” This includes bow ties, our body, and our daily breath. It’s easy to be grateful for the grand things in life, but to be appreciative for “all things” puts you in a powerful, harmonious place.”

Rev. Christian Sorenson, in an essay entitled “Looking Through the Eyes of Gratitude” in “Gratitude, A Way of Life” by Louise Hay and Friends

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