PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by Laura Alden Kamm in INTUITIVE WELLNESS

is a simple way to release mind chatter. You can do this practice alone
or with a partner. Take ten minutes out of your day and sit and just
let your thoughts roll from your mind and out of your mouth. Whatever
thought comes to your mind, speak it. Let the thought that sits behind
or connects to the previous thought rise up and be spoken also. One
after another the thoughts will come rolling off your tongue. It doesn’t
matter if they seem connected or not; just let them roll – no judgment,
no self-counseling (if you are doing this by yourself), no fixing, or
stopping – just let go of your thoughts.

The power of release comes in
the vocalization of the thoughts, so speak them boldly. Lift up your
voice, intone, and release your emotions. Let your thoughts and voice
join to let go of the chattering that fills your mind. After this
practice, you’ll feel relieved and refreshed. Do it regularly to avoid
mental buildup.”

                   Laura Alden Kamm, in “Intuitive Wellness”

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