PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 by Gary Spinell in BEYOND INTENT

“We are not the best judges of when we are ready to receive and reach our goal. Here’s the key ingredient on how to assure you obtain your goal, and why most people do not achieve their goal:

Regardless of how much physical, mental, and emotional energy you put toward your goal, you must be willing to live another day if you do not achieve your goal. Too often people will say and believe that nothing else is more important in their life but to achieve their goal. When we put that much pressure on the Universe and ourselves to succeed, we stifle all other possibilities of what we can achieve and obtain in our life.

I am not saying that you should not target and point toward success. However, if you believe that you have failed and life is not worth living if you do not achieve your goal, you’ve set yourself up for failure. Your sense of urgency will produce enormous negative energy. And when you see that you might not be any closer today as compared to yesterday, although you may not say it out loud, internally you hear the clock ticking.

You may begin to internalize how you are living another day without your goal. From there you will believe that you are not happy in your present mode because your goal is not fulfilled. All of this action sends a massive amount of negative energy into the Universe, which complies by giving you more of the same result, which is keeping you in a state of waiting and escalating impatience.”

Gary Spinell, in “Beyond Intent”

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