PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by Wayne W. Dyer in MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY

single time you take in a breath and then exhale, you are engaged in a
process of giving and receiving that is vital to the material and
spiritual world. With each inhalation you take in the oxygen and
nitrogen that you must have in order to exist, and with each exhalation
you send back the carbon dioxide that supplies the entire plant world.
The cycle of generous giving and receiving is exactly the same as the
very act of breathing.

Look around you and notice how everything
in our universe is a result of giving and receiving. The entire food
chain represents a giving of life and taking of life, and then a giving
back in an endless cycle of material manifestation. The worm that the
bird eats, and the droppings from the bird, and the eating of the bird,
and the recycling of the meat of the bird, and on and on it goes.

is no place for any of it to go other than here in this universe. It
does not leave and then reenter. It is all simply a process of giving
and receiving different forms of energy.”

                      Wayne W. Dyer, in “Manifest Your Destiny”

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