PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 by Polly Campbell in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY

does not mean that you feel happy every minute of the day. It doesn’t
mean that you’re always upbeat and in a good mood. You are not even
required to keep your fingers crossed so that all your problems will
disappear and your glassy-eyed, smiley-faced joy will return. That’s not
it, and it’s a good thing because most of us wouldn’t be able to buy in
to this rosy-cheeked cheerfulness.

But optimism is doable. It
is real and it can be a difference-maker in your life if you stay
grounded and realistic. Grounded optimism is about attitude and action
and like so many of the other strategies that manage the flow of
negative emotion, it helps you feel better. It helps people bounce back
from adversity and it is one component of resilience. Doctors, like
positive psychology guru Martin Seligman, rank optimism right up there
in line next to exercise and good nutrition when it comes to good-health
building behaviors.”  
                   Polly Campbell, in “Imperfect Spirituality”

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