PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by Kathleen Martin in UNDERSTANDING UNIVERSAL LAWS 101

“When you tune your radio dial to a station you want to listen to, you expect to hear that station. You can’t tune your dial to 88.9 AM and hear 98.6 FM. They aren’t the same frequency. The same is true about you. For instance, you can’t tune yourself to ‘lack’ and experience abundance. The frequencies don’t match. Let’s use the example of
money. If you are focused on the lack of money, you can’t attract more money. The frequencies simply don’t match. The same is true about everything you desire. If the feeling you have is ‘I don’t have a loving relationship’, you will have a difficult time attracting the loving relationship.

The way to go about successfully attracting anything we desire is to feel the feeling of already having it. This is where practice comes in. It is necessary to practice daily imagining and feeling your ideal life even before it has manifested. Most have been going about it the hard way. Most people say, “when I have the money or the relationship or (fill in the blank) -then I will be happy.” The practice is to feel the feeling of ‘happy’ before it happens. Now you are projecting out the matching frequency of what is wanted.”

    Kathleen Martin, in “Understanding Universal Laws 101 – The Missing Education”
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