PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 21st, 2013 by Richard & Mary Alice Jafolla in THE QUEST

“Rather than striving for power, isn’t it better to strive for humility? Rather than striving to be somebody, isn’t it better to strive only to be yourself? Who could be better at being you than you? If you are dissatisfied with what you are, it is not a spiritual dissatisfaction. It is really s dissatisfaction with what you have allowed yourself to become. Humility puts you back on track. Humility is an admission to yourself that God did a better job than you did and that you want to reclaim your true identity. Humility is simply being yourself. It is the acceptance of the one Presence and one Power that is God in you and in the world.

Since humility is the key to releasing the one Presence and one Power that God is, humility then becomes the only road to true power. When you admit to yourself your true powerlessness, when you get yourself out of the way, you are automatically putting yourself in touch with the power of God in you, allowing it to move through you.”

                  Richard & Mary Alice Jafolla, in “The Quest”

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