PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 by Carl Bozeman in ON BEING GOD, BEYOND YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE

“Outside of what we think we know about ourselves is only the tip of a huge iceberg, and we cannot neither see nor comprehend it. In a way, we all seem to intuit within us something far greater than what or who we believe we are, but when we explore such possibilities the noise of our minds, the culmination of our histories, experiences, and education, casts a dark shadow over us. In other words, we are literally talked out of what or who we truly are by the chatter of our own minds. Our real identity is buried in the noise of our reason and debate. We accept this noise and debate, identify ourselves with it, and lose our true selves to it. We are not what we think nor are we the past from whence we came or the future where we direct ourselves.

All that exists, hence all that we are, exists right now and only now! We do not exist in the future nor are we victims of any past experience. There is only now and it is neither good nor bad. Now simply is and it is the only place of power any of us have. Most of us give away the power of our present time to our past or to our hopes for the future. Such power, if harnessed right now without the weight of historical suffering or dreams of a better day in the future, would open our eyes to not only the huge iceberg beneath the tip we see, but the entire ocean in which it all resides. Our greatness exceeds any metaphor. We are boundless!”

               Carl Bozeman, in “On Being God, Beyond Your Life’s Purpose”

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