BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 by Fr. Anthony DeMello in WALKING ON WATER

“One day God got tired of people. They were always pestering him, asking him for things. So he said, “I’m going away to hide for a while.” So he gathered all of his advisers and said, “Where should I hide? Where’s the best place for me to hide?”

Some said, “Hide on the highest mountain peak on earth.”  Others said, “No, hide at the bottom of the sea; they’d never find you there.” Others, “Hide on the other side of the moon; that’s the best place. How are they going to find you there?”  

Then God turned to his most intelligent angel and asked him, “Where do you advise me to hide?” The intelligent angel smiled and said, “Go hide yourself in the human heart. That’s the only place where they never go!”

                  Fr. Anthony DeMello, S.J., in “Walking on Water”

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