PONDER on THIS for Thursday, April 25th, 2013 by Meir Schneider in VISION FOR LIFE

“Your happiness is precious. It comes with self-acceptance, and there is no better time than in your forties, fifties, and sixties to work on self-acceptance. When we have self-acceptance, we place less importance on adding extra weight or on the wrinkles that come with age. This is a time when we like all we’ve done, all we are currently doing, and all we will be doing. Believe me, our beauty will reflect itself.

A straight face with no wrinkles does not match a wrinkled face with great happiness. A thin and fit Hollywood body is not nearly as attractive as an energetic body, even if the later appears to be imperfect. At this particular time in life, working on a sense of inner happiness and working on a particular part of our body are parallel goals. Working on our flexibility and devoting ourselves to expanding our thoughts are comparable to each other.”

                         Meir Schneider, in “Vision for Life”

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