BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, April 29th, 2013 by Krysta Gibson

“Instead of spending your time and energy focusing on the maybes of life, start focusing your attention on the here and now. Who are you to become today? What are you to do? How can you contribute to planetary peace within your own life today?  Have you set aside time to turn within, become centered and have a personal experience of the divine? Are there people or situations you need to release in order to move forward with your life? Is there some thing or condition you can create today which will alleviate suffering or bring joy to someone else?

Befriend your fears by spending time with them, finding out what they want to tell you or teach you. Most fears only need to be acknowledged in order to loosen their grip. Others require a bit more attention. Some need to stick around until we learn whatever lesson they are here to give. There are no circumstances of which I am aware where fear needs to rule one’s life or where it needs to be given the supreme dominion some folks want to bestow upon it.”

                                Krysta Gibson

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