PONDER on THIS for Thursday, June 20th, 2013 by Annemarie Greenwood and Marissa Campbell in LIFE: LIVING IN FULFILLMENT EVERY DAY

“Limiting beliefs create a mould, a fabrication, very much like creating a papier mache ball from a newspaper and a balloon…Labels and judgments, experiences and impressions accumulate over time. Layer by layer, we take these truths and plaster them over the top of our true potential, just like gluing layers of newspaper strips around the balloon, until it forms a mould, or a shell – the ego, or burden body, or shadow self…However, this shell is not a genuine reflection of who we are. In fact, we’re still in there, just like the balloon…Inside we are prefect and whole, but on the outside we have a big, bulky façade, or sham, as our identity.”

    Annemarie Greenwood & Marissa Campbell, in “LIFE: Living in Fulfillment Every Day” 

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