BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 by Eric Butterworth in DISCOVER THE POWER WITHIN YOU

“All contagion begins in the mind. There is a moment when you can say “NO” to every physical affliction that comes to you. Deal with the fear-thought quickly – affirm, “I am a spiritual being, and therefore I will NOT accept this thought of weakness.”  

All lack and financial difficulty begin in the mind. When the earliest experience of anxiety or concern or fear or worry about money or work comes to mind, right then say “NO!” to the whole chain of negative thought. Then say “YES” to God, to good, to abundance, to your personal security. Affirm, “I agree with God only.”

The danger is when we let these fear and worry thoughts simmer in our minds. We need to be stern with ourselves. We must take action immediately. Stand up and speak the word of “peace” to the storms of human thought.”

                  Eric Butterworth, in “Discover the Power Within You”

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