PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 19th, 2013 by Stuart Wilde in THE TRICK TO MONEY IS HAVING SOME

“Now think of this: Why would God or the God Force put us in a dimension of such incredible wealth and abundance – a veritable Garden of Eden – and expect us to be poor and lacking in our needs? It makes no sense. It is natural that we would use the resources around us and gradually become abundant. God must have foreseen that as having a high probability. Given the dimension we live in, richness is natural.

To make that philosophically wrong, and to make poverty – which is so unnatural – right, is a conceptual flip-flop. It may serve certain vested interests, but under the Universal Law governing the naturalness of things, this cannot be truth. Imagine a God who considers the dole and food stamps holy and good and, alternately, considers the opening of a factory that grants creativity and wealth to say a hundred families, wrong. You can stick that in yer ear kid, it just ain’t true!

But we bought into all this stuff and the level to which we bought in is probably the level at which we find ourselves financially today. Understand that for the most part, all the things you were taught as true, that you hold to so dearly in your consciousness, are probably two-thirds or four-fifths ludicrous.”

                Stuart Wilde, in “The Trick to Money is Having Some”
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