PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 20th, 2013 by Eugenia Oganova in MISSION ALPHA

“We are conditioned to give over our authority to doctors who are supposed to know what is wrong with our physical body. No one can know better what is going on inside of our consciousness than us, and so we are the top authority on all the physical conditions we have. Doctors can give us more information and offer ways of helping the body’s healing, but in the end we are the healers, not the doctors.

When something is wrong in the physical body, people tend to automatically run to the doctor or emergency room out of fear—fear that our body is betraying us, as if it has turned on us and now is working against us, making us feel sick. This only creates a larger rift between what we see as ‘us’ and the physical matter we are in. In reality it is all one being, we are energy and matter. Actually, if we only remember that, we can see any physical difficulty as a message from the body, not a punishment or betrayal.”

Eugenia Oganova, in “Mission Alpha”

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