BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 by Sanaya Roman in LIVING WITH JOY

NOTE: No, time didn’t move backward; I obviously published the wrong post on 10/23,  (i.e., ran the post scheduled for today by accident) so here is the post you should have seen yesterday! Sorry about that.

“As you are on the phone during the day, speaking to your friends, do you let them talk on long past when you would like them to be gone? Do you listen to their stories that bring down your energy? Do you make appointments to see people, even though you do not truly have the time, or when there is no higher purpose in being with them? To find the path of joy you will want to ask why you feel obligated to people or to the forms you have created.

The path of compassion does not obligate you to love everyone regardless of how they act or who they are. It is a path of seeing the truth of who they are, acknowledging all their parts. It is the path of looking at people and asking is there anything you can do to heal, assist, or bring them in touch with their higher vision?  If there is not, then you are pulling down your own energy by spending time with them.”

                            Sanaya Roman, in “Living with Joy”

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