PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 by Dr. Irina Koles in TASTE OF THOUGHTS

“It’s true that changes take time and nothing happens overnight. It requires lots of energy, efforts and coordinated actions on a regular basis. Sometimes, a new idea sounds so odd that you can’t even consider taking it seriously. However, when you analyze the past and relearn, you may find a new way extremely effective and beneficial indeed. Therefore, having a  flexible and open mindset towards unlearning and relearning is important. When you keep following your main purpose, your passion will make the process easier and you’ll enjoy it. The desire to be healthy will feed your goal of achieving the ideal weight.

Your healthy and energetic body will support your renewed self-esteem, and you’ll discover that you have become more confident and attractive. When you’re passionate about your desire, you will find that it will bring you amazing results in every area of your life: professional development, finances, family and relationships, and your emotional and spiritual life. Consider your current beliefs about yourself, your health, your body and your eating habits. Unlearn first, and then replace old beliefs with those that will take you closer to your goal!”

                       Dr. Irina Koles, in “Taste of Thoughts”
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