PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 14th, 2013 by Jonathan Parker in THE SOUL SOLUTION

“When you become neutral, nonjudgmental, and nonreactive, you eliminate contributing energy that sustains the resistance or reaction. Then it runs down like a spent batter. It can put resistance for a while, but sooner or later the resistance, like the battery, will run out of energy and stop. So the resistance really can’t mount a sustained fight. It lacks the resources. The little energy it does have is infinitesimal compared to the soul’s. As the light engulfs it, the resistance melts and disappears like the wicked witch in the film version of The Wizard of Oz, who said “I’m melting” after she was splashed with water. The truth of who you are is the light, and the light won’t hurt anything that has a real existence. Everything else is an illusion.”

                          Jonathan Parker, in “The Soul Solution” 
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