PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 21st, 2013 by JB Lewis in THE MIRACLE OF YOU: BACK TO CONSCIOUSNESS

“Try seeing yourself as a spiritual being of energy. Go to a mirror and look at your body then close your eyes. See your body in your mind then erase your skin, bones, blood, everything; and leave only a filed of energy where your body once was. You can picture this energy to look like anything you choose. I am only attempting to make your mind transcend the body and see it for what it is – a glove for the spirit. You can discard the body at any time; your real power is in spirit form.

You are a Spiritual Consciousness – You ARE All That Is. Do not resist it – open yourself to it. As you walk through your day imagine that you have no body – that you are only intelligent energy, perhaps in the shape of a body if that helps your visualization. Imagine yourself wanting something – proceed to acquire it using only your thoughts, knowing that your thoughts can create planets and stars and complex galaxies. That should make achieving anything on earth elementary.”

JB Lewis, in “The Miracle of You: Back to Consciousness”

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