Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, November 22nd, 2013 by Don Miguel Ruiz in THE FOUR AGREEMENTS COMPANION BOOK

“Imagine how you would speak to someone whom you love and respect immensely. If you have a pet dog or cat that you love and adore, how do you speak to your animal friend? Now consider how you speak to yourself. What do you say to yourself every day when you look in the mirror, when you are bathing or dressing or going about your day? If you speak to yourself in a critical, judgmental way, it’s because you have learned to do this from others. You AGREED to treat yourself this way, then you practiced this habit until you mastered it. Now that you are aware of the agreement, you can choose to break it by saying: I no longer agree to treat myself with disrespect.”

             Don Miguel Ruiz, in “The Four Agreements Companion Book”

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