BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, November 25th, 2013 by John Van Auken in BORN AGAIN AND AGAIN

“Karma is memory coming to consciousness again. What has occurred in the past is recalled and has an effect on the present. Now, the recollection may not surface to the conscious level; the personality may have no awareness of the memory, in fact. Yet it exists at the deeper, soul level.

One of the most distorted views of karma is the idea that nothing can be done about it. No matter how terrible our predicament, there is always something we can do, even if it’s just dealing with it as best we can with a patient smile, a good attitude and a loving heart. The time will come when we will be through with this stretch of the hard road, and it’s best to come out of it with no bitterness. Remember, no one has done this to you, it is the result of your own actions, thoughts or words. In patience you will overcome it and rise again to an even greater level than before. Again, keep in mind that in the worst situation often lies the greatest opportunity.”

                              John Van Auken, in “Born Again & Again”  

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