BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 by Richard & Mary Alice Jafolla in THE QUEST

“NOW is rather an enigmatic concept when you ponder if for a while. No time exists other than NOW. Think of it – the past is over and gone. It will never be in your life again. Whatever happiness or grief it deposited in your life has already been delivered. The future? It’s not here yet and when it does arrive, it will no longer be the future. It will be now. So now is really all you have and all you ever will have. The past is compost, the future is a seed not planted, the present is the only soil in which you can grow. So lamenting a missed chance for love in the past, or nervously anticipating a need for prosperity in the future is wasting precious opportunities for all your good in the present.

Why not begin doing the best you can right where you are? You can’t get on an airplane that left yesterday, and you can’t board one today that will leave tomorrow. You can’t grow from where you were yesterday, and it’s impossible to grow from where you will be tomorrow. The only growing has to take place exactly where you are planted. You are planted where you are because that soil is the best for you at this time in your unfoldment. The soil, the circumstances, in which you now find yourself contains all the elements that will make you grow best.”

Richard and Mary Alice Jafolla, in “The Quest”

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