PONDER on THIS for Thursday, December 12th, 2013 by J.M. DeBord in DREAMS 1-2-3

“For most people, dream memories disappear soon after waking up, though the window of opportunity stays open longer with practice. So get in the habit of asking yourself as soon as you wake up, “What did I dream?” Hold other thoughts at bay as you look inside and ask that question. It’s like staring into a dark night and waiting for forms to take shape. In that black inkiness are your dream memories. One memory, just a flash of a dream, is enough to give shape to the rest. Relax. Breathe deep. Search your memory. If a fragment of a dream comes to mind, ask yourself if it fits into a larger picture…

Waking up opens the memory hole and soon the details slip away, though you might remember other bits and pieces of a dream later in the day. By remaining at the edge of sleep longer and asking questions, the dreams aren’t allows to escape as quickly.”

J.M. DeBord, in “Dreams 1-2-3”

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