PONDER on THIS for Thursday, February 6th, 2014 by Danielle Rama Hoffman in THE COUNCIL OF LIGHT

“The idea that it would be helpful to another if you are poor, sick, tired, confused, unfocused, or weak does not make sense on a conscious level. But this is how people approach someone who is poor. They feel bad if someone is poor, suffering, dying, or hurt. There is the belief that if they are living such a wonderful life and if they do not feel sorry for this person somehow they are being old, aloof, not caring, and not being a humanitarian.

Yet one of the most beneficial things anyone can do for another person is to see this other person’s divine self, to see their soul, to see their situation, to respect the decisions that they have made consciously or unconsciously to be exactly where they are. This can be one of the most beneficial things because when you do this you are seeing through the illusion of their life for them. You see through the illusion of the poverty or the illness. You see that they are eternal and that they are abundant. As you hold that belief for them, that unity consciousness and awareness, then it is actually more of a support to them than pitying them or trying to save them.”

                    Danielle Rama Hoffman, in “The Council of Light”
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