BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, February 7th, 2014 by Ching Ning Chu in THICK FACE BLACK HEART

“Self-observation is
essential for self-growth. You must first understand the motives for
your own actions in order to understand others. It is especially
important to look within yourself in times of great distress and
misfortune. If you can succeed in detaching yourself from the misery of
your experience, you will see, with complete clarity, the real nature of
the situation.

The world is not so simple that we can just make
and follow rules about what is wrong and what is right. We seek an
understanding of ourselves so that we will know what we ought to do in
any given situation. You will gradually replace the beliefs you were
taught with the truths you discover. It is not whether you turn the
other cheek that is important. WHY you do or do not is most significant.

Self-knowledge is a more reliable guide to behavior than
adherence to arbitrarily imposed standards, though both are susceptible
to error. You will make mistakes no matter which path you follow, but
mistakes made on the path to self-discovery will correct themselves,
while those made through blind adherence to subjective standards simply
perpetuate the folly.”

                        Chin-Ning Chu, in “Thick Face, Black Heart”             

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