BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 by Lynn Grabhorn in EXCUSE ME, YOUR LIFE IS WAITING

“Yearning for, wishing for, longing for, even hoping for are not activities of focusing on what we want. They’re just negative thoughts that vibrate from a place of discouragement, a place of lack born from the pessimistic beliefs that we’ll probably never have what we want. And with those kinds of feelings flowing out, we won’t.

We get what we focus on; focus on the lack of something, and that’s what we’re guaranteed to get, because what the universe gives us, in every moment of every day corresponds with what we are vibrating. The bottom line is this: If we’re not feeling up when we think about something, we’re flowing some degree of negative emotion, a Red Flag warning telling us to pay attention to what we’re sending out.”

                    Lynn Grabhorn, in “Excuse Me, Your LIFE is Waiting”

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