PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, March 11th, 2012 by Marianne Williamson in THE GIFT OF CHANGE

“Someone once sent me a photograph that had been taken by a fisherman in Newfoundland. It was a picture of an iceberg, not only the part of it that protrudes above the water line, but also what’s underneath the water. We all know, of course, that what is visible on top of the water is approximately 10 percent of the iceberg. Still, seeing the image was mind-blowing. It’s shocking to recognize how much of our life our eyes don’t see.

And every situation is like that iceberg, teeming with forces that aren’t visible to the physical eye. Basing our sense of reality on what the physical senses perceive as real – what people did, what people said – we base our reality on a small fraction of its entirety. This means, of course, that we’re hardly in touch with reality at all.

What is visible to the physical eye is the world of form, while the greater reality of a situation is not its form but its content.”
                   Marianne Williamson, in “The Gift of Change”

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