BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 by Wayne W. Dyer in THERE’S A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM

“We are subject to many illusions in our daily life. The greatest one is the one that keeps us trapped in giving our energy to what always has been. This illusion is characterized by the belief that “The past is the reason why I am continuing to believe in these ways.” In some of my earlier writing, I have referred to the wake of a fast moving boat. The wake is the trail that is left behind and nothing more, just a trail that is in back of the boat. You don’t need to be a nuclear physicist to understand that the wake does not drive the boat. Nor does the wake of your life. It is simply the trail that is left behind.

The greatest illusion is the one in which you look into your past (wake) and put your energy on what is there, even if you find it reprehensible, and then you act upon those thoughts and continue to produce more and more of what has always been. To transcend this illusion you must see what it is that makes it an illusion in the first place. The wake cannot drive the boat. The wake of your life does not drive you today. But the present moment energy that you put into the events and actions of your past, explaining or excusing your continuing problems does affect your life today. That is the source of those problems, and nothing more.”

             Wayne W. Dyer, in “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem”

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