PONDER on THIS for Thursday, May 29th, 2014 by William L. Murtha in DYING FOR A CHANGE

“When we fight for something more than we need, it surely makes sense to realize that another is missing out somewhere. Can you not see the connection? Can you not join the dots? This doesn’t just apply to your world. This applies to everything in the world, be it food, water, clothing, shelter, oil…What I am demonstrating is that need and want are not the same. And neither are passion and fighting. Fighting is usually grounded in the misplaced and fearful notion that there is not enough to go around. It is buried in the false belief that life and the universe will not deliver to us what we need. So, instead, we constantly fight for everything tooth and nail.

Yet life will always deliver us what we need. It always has. This is demonstrated throughout the natural kingdom. Do birds starve in the winter? Do wild animals go hungry in the spring? No, so long as nature spreads its bounty around, everything is supported. Nature has an inherent, built-in belief that there will always be sufficient to share. Unfortunately, there is one species on this earth that forgets this wonderful dance going on. There’s only one dominant species that imagines it is going short. Humanity. Humans confuse need with want, and passion with fighting. Passion is born in the heart. Fighting derives from the fear of lack.”

William L. Murtha, in “Dying For A Change”

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