PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 by Mystic Pete in MYSTIC PETE CHRONICLES

“Souls are not sent to Hell because there is no Hell. Some preach that you will be condemned to suffer eternal damnation in Hell if you incorrectly worship God. Is eternal damnation really necessary? Wouldn’t a thousand years of damnation suffice? How about we compromise: a million years of relentless torture.

The spiritual dimensions cannot be Hell-like, because Hell needs two conditions, which are absent on the celestial plane: duality and separation. Devilishness can only happen in the dualistic material world. The only possible address for Hell is here on earth. Those in abject poverty, prison, war zones, or abusive relationships may indeed inhabit the slums of Hades. People afflicted with mental illness and inner torment, or victims of crime or disease, may well live in Hell.

Since the spiritual dimension permeates this world, even someone in the most pitiful condition can find release and illumination. Prisoners have found God inside their cells; soldiers have seen miracles on the battlefield; and, politicians have even had “confirmation conversions” during Senate hearings. No matter how bad our circumstances, we always have options because of Heaven’s proximity. Reach out and touch an Angel.”

Mystic Pete, in “Mystic Pete Chronicles Book 1: Sex and Mysticism”

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