PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 by Gary Spinell in BEYOND INTENT

“When we let go and have faith that the process will work to our highest good, we allow other opportunities to arrive. We also allow God and the Universe to find the best possible solutions and answers. Letting go and giving up control are often the most difficult actions for people to implement. This process is uncomfortable for most people because doing so requires not taking action. In a world where we are always “doing,” this is the one time we stop taking action, or rather the action is to stop and rest.

Give God and the Universe the opportunity to find the best path for your success. God and the Universe will show you the best path to take if you listen and observe. Have faith that the answers you seek in order to achieve your goals are always around you and within you.”

Gary Spinell, in “Beyond Intent”

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