PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 18th, 2014 by Terry Cole-Whittaker in LIVE YOUR BLISS

“There are people who emanate a continual stream of angry and resentful emotions as a way to manipulate others, but these negative emotions block their own good fortune. Because of this, of course, the movie screen of their lives reflects their state of mind back to them, which increases their negative emotions and fear.

What I’ve noticed is that, unless we are alert to how attitude is transferable and, therefore, trouble is transferable, we will give up our friendly and enthusiastic attitude when we are around them and will lower our vibration to match theirs. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like us. What matters is our attitude and that we feel love and wish them well. Let them take on your affectionate and cheerful attitude, but if they don’t, remember to continue to be yourself, your godly self, and spread your enthusiasm seeds wherever you go.”

Terry Cole-Whittaker, in “Live Your Bliss”

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