BEST of PONDER on THIS for Monday, December 1st, 2014 by Shakti Gawain in LIVING IN THE LIGHT

“What does it mean to trust your intuition? How do you do it? It means tuning in to your “gut” feelings about things – that deepest inner sense of personal truth – in  any given situation, and acting upon them, moment by moment. Sometimes these “gut messages” may tell you to do something unexpected or inconsistent with your previous plans; they may require that you trust a hunch that seems illogical; you may feel more emotionally vulnerable than you are used to; you may express thoughts, feelings, or opinions foreign to your usual beliefs; perhaps follow a dream or fantasy; or take some degree of financial risk to do something that feels important to you.

Learning to trust your intuition is an art form, and like all other art forms, it takes practice to perfect. You don’t learn to do it overnight. You have to be willing to make “mistakes;” to try something and fail, and then try something different the next time; sometimes even to embarrass yourself of feel foolish. Your intuition is always one-hundred percent correct, but it takes time to learn to HEAR it correctly. If you are willing to risk acting on what you believe to be true, and risk making mistakes, you will learn very fast by paying attention to what works and what doesn’t work. If you hold back out of fear or being wrong, learning to trust your intuition could take a lifetime.”

Shakti Gawain, in “Living in the Light”

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