Best of PONDER on THIS for Friday, November 28th, 2014 by Dan Millman in LIVING ON PURPOSE

“Because our attention is often distracted, obscured, or lost in thought, we fail to notice many things. That is why the ability to pay attention to what is arising in any given moment – to our actions and their results – is one of the basic tenets of living on purpose. Failures and unwanted outcomes serve to generate new behavior and different approaches. The only real failure is the failure to learn from our mistakes. As the old saying goes, “Awareness of a problem is half the solution.” Until we become aware of actions, cues, and messages that were previously unnoticed, we repeat the old patterns.”

Dan Millman, in “Living on Purpose”

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“There’s no method in the madness,
We all can’t escape from sadness,
Don’t surround heart with hardness,
You may someday need someone to sympathize.

Before you’re crushed by your own selfishness,
You must confess,
We are ALL in this TOGETHER.”

Todd Rundgren, in “Who’s Sorry Now” from the CD, “2nd Wind”

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