PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 by Polly Campbell in IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY

“Faith is so personal, yet universal, that it’s hard to find a word that describes it just right. Everyone has their own definition of what faith is, but it’s easiest to understand by watching how faith works.

Faith is falling in love. It’s raising a child. It’s trying again to run the race, get the job, make the marriage work, or learn the language, when you failed the first time and the third time and the sixth time. It’s understanding that all this pain and crap and mess is not without meaning. It’s believing that things will be okay even when nothing feels okay. It’s about being awed by the sunset though you’ve seen it a hundred times before and hope to see it a hundred times more. It’s knowing that there is something bigger than what you can see and feel and touch and it’s behaving better because of all that.”

Polly Campbell, in “Imperfect Spirituality”

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