Best of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 by James Redfield in THE CELESTINE PROPHECY

“If we find ourselves hanging on to the need to blame parents or siblings anyone else in our early lives, it is usually because blame itself is a part of our control drama. We can’t go forward and continue to expand our energy because blame always throws us back into the old drama.

Only forgiveness can fully liberate our potential to go past these repeated scripts that waste our time. And I believe that forgiveness must be expressed and demonstrated to be totally freeing. Many therapists recommend that we write a letter to everyone that we blame offering our forgiveness. That doesn’t mean we have to spend any time with this person; such acts just create closure and clear the air for a new life to begin. Forgiveness reinforces the higher witness awareness that we have acquired. The key to forgiveness is simply acknowledging that everyone was doing the best he or she could at the time.”

James Redfield, in “The Celestine Prophecy”

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