PONDER on THIS for Thursday, January 8th, 2015 by Sara Chetkin in THE HEALING CURVE

“Fear does not keep you safe. It only holds you back. When you begin to open up and allow for something unfamiliar in your life, something you may fear, you have a better chance of experiencing truth. I mention this because I spend so much worrying, so much time in uncertainty, that I prize the moments when I can say, “this is it, this one piece of the puzzle is solved.” I feel released from fear when I come to a realization about my own harmful belief systems or when I find a healer who is implementing real change in my body. At those times, I see the value of the path I have chosen. I understand how much I’m learning.

These little breakthroughs come in all shapes and sizes. I am always grappling with the natural laws – the law of attraction, divine providence, anatomy, and physiology. Nothing is too far out. Nothing is unrelated to the all-consuming quest to understand my life. And the more earnest I am in my quest, the more open I become to every possibility. The more open I am, the more every moment appears as an opportunity to experience grace. But these moments of grace don’t occur unless I break free from my habitual perspective: my “comfort zone.” You have to open up in order to see some change.”

Sara Chetkin, in “The Healing Curve”

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