PONDER on THIS for Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 by Sanaya Roman in LIVING WITH JOY

“Being open to accept new things, ideas, and people into your life creates an ever expanding capacity for joy. There is a mass thoughtform that the future might be worse than the present. This creates the need to hang on to what you have, freeze things s they are, and keep them from changing. It leads to much pain.

Opening to new things means trusting and having faith in yourself and others. It means believing that the future holds joy and promise. It means believing in your growth and direction. The heart is the center of faith, trust, and belief. Opening to the new means opening your heart. Be willing to step outside of your normal limits and viewpoints and see the world in different ways. Trust that the world is safe and know that you are the director and the producer of what occurs in your life.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Living with Joy”

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