PONDER on THIS for Thursday, October 15th, 2015 by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz in THE FIFTH AGREEMENT

“If you use your awareness, you will see everything you believe, and this is how you live your life. Your life is totally dominated by the system of beliefs that you learned. Whatever you believe is creating the story that you’re experiencing; whatever you believe is creating the emotions that you’re experiencing. And you may really want to believe that you are what you believe, but that image is completely false. It’s not you.

The real you is unique and it’s beyond everything that you know, because the real you is the truth. You, the human, are the truth. Your physical presence is real. What you believe about yourself is not real, and it’s not important unless you want to create a better story for yourself. Truth or fiction; either way, the story that you’re creating is a work of art. It’s a wonderful story, a beautiful story, but it’s just a story, and it’s as close to the truth as you can get by using symbols.”

Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz, in “The Fifth Agreement”

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