BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, October 16th, 2015 by Sanaya Roman in SPIRITUAL GROWTH

“Many of you spend more time and energy worrying about doing things than doing them. How often have you put off doing something, thinking it might take too much work, only to find that once you were in the mood to do it and got started, it was easier than you thought? If there is something you keep putting off, let it go for a while and stop making yourself wrong for not doing it. Sometimes pressuring yourself to do something makes it harder to start.

To create more time, watch your words and thoughts about time. Do you say to yourself or others, “I never have enough time; I am so pressured, and I wonder how I’ll get all this done?” Your words, thoughts, and beliefs are creating your reality, so begin by telling yourself you have all the time you need. Start saying such things as, “I have all the time I need; I do things in a relaxed, focused way.” Even if you don’t believe this at first, your words and thoughts will soon create this as your reality.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Spiritual Growth”

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