PONDER on THIS for Thursday, November 26th, 2015 by Polly Campbell in HOW TO LIVE AN AWESOME LIFE

“You can blame others for your failures and setbacks. You can pin your rejection on someone else. You can make excuses for not getting the job done – I’m too busy, I’m too broke, maybe when my kids are older – and you can stay stuck, smack-dab in the middle of the drama. Or, and this is liberating, you can accept what is. You can take a clear-eyed look  at life and at the circumstances showing up, and then you can deal.

When you blame, hide, deny, or excuse the reality by wishing or what-iffing – “I wish I hadn’t married that guy,” or “What if I lose my job?” – you are resisting. At these times, you are stuck in the pain. There is nowhere to go from there.

When you accept what is, then you get to choose the next best action to help you deal with it in that moment. Instead of wishing, you can say, “I am married to this guy and I am unhappy in the relationship.” Then you are free to choose strategies to help you move to a place of greater comfort. Acceptance is not resignation. It is not an endorsement. It is awakening to what is, and that, my friend, will get you moving toward more awesome outcomes.”

Polly Campbell, in “How to Live an Awesome Life”

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