PONDER on THIS for Friday, February 19th, 2016 by Neville Goddard and Tim Grimes in MANIFESTATION THROUGH RELAXATION

“The “problems we have in life – if we want to call them that – are always a direct product of our thinking. When we feel stuck in the natural perspective it’s really just because we’re thinking too much and it hurts. As soon as that over-thinking stops, the stress will also stop. You’ll fall back into the spiritual perspective automatically. This switch from the natural focus to the spiritual focus is not complicated, not matter what some people may say. Here it is spelled out clearly:

Thinking too much = Feeling stressed
Not thinking  = Feeling good

Again, this might sound over-simplistic. It’s not. Want a solution to your problems? Don’t think. The difficult part can obviously be in actually doing this. Clearly, we’re not going to completely stop thinking, but the point is we’re capable of thinking much less rationally than we’re normally accustomed to. And it helps to know that all of our stress is simply caused by thinking too much, too rationally.

Without thoughts, there are no problems.”

Neville Goddard and Tim Grimes, in “Manifestation Through Relaxation”

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