PONDER on THIS for Thursday, July 14th, 2016 by Lisette Larkins in DIFFICULT PEOPLE

“I purchased a stopwatch at an athletics store, the kind that marathoners use to train for triathlons, and I set the alarm to sound every nine minutes, except while I slept. The first beep occurred, at which time I stopped to notice what was happening with my thoughts. Was I thinking of something that had already happened in the past? Or, was I contemplating some future event, or hoping for some positive outcome? Was I worried about something that hadn’t even happened yet?

After investigating the nature of my own thoughts in this manner for several days, I was shocked to discover just how non-stop my thinking actually was. Clearly, I could not deny that I could benefit from a quieter mind. Not only were my thoughts chronically active, but they were mostly repetitive. In addition, many thoughts had to do with the future or the past, even when I was physically involved in some activity. It seemed that my mind wasn’t satisfied to engage in one activity at a time. It wanted to multi-task to accomplish several things at once, all in the name of being more productive. Like everyone else’s my mind never stopped thinking.”

Lisette Larkins, in “Difficult People”

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