BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 by Sanaya Roman in LIVING WITH JOY

“If you experience jealousy, it is often based on a fear that others are giving something to someone else that they are not giving to you. If you look and examine the issue, it is usually something you are not giving yourself. If you are jealous of your mate giving attention to another person and you want to curtail his freedom so that he cannot do so, look again. It may be that your higher self is not being given the attention it is requiring.

Jealousy takes away the freedom of both the one who is jealous and the one who is possessed. If you give yourself what you need – be it attention, love, or something else – them you will not experience jealousy. You will find that you can get satisfaction from many sources, not just from the one you love. Jealousy implies scarcity, that there is not enough. Freedom implies abundance, that there is enough.”

Sanaya Roman, in “Living with Joy”

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