BEST of PONDER on THIS for Friday, September 16th, 2016 by Clarence Diegel in EXPERIENCING LIFE THROUGH THE CHAKRAS

“Judgment is placing a value system on your experiences. Judgments come from your perceptions of experiences. An experience is an experience; that is all it is. It is simply a happening, an event. However, your perception of the experience empowers it. If you perceive an experience to be enriching, positive, and one that enhances the quality of your life, then you are happy and therefore will judge (value) the experience as good.

Likewise, if you perceive the same experience to threaten your safety in any way, then fear will rise up, and the perception will begin to limit you. You will then judge (value) the experience as bad. It does not take much thought to realize you place values (judgments) on many of your experiences. Besides judging your personal experiences, you also judge other people, events, situations, and circumstances that appear not to directly affect you.

The perceptions of your experiences dictate how you live and the prison you have created for yourself. As long as you have a need to judge, you shall always be imprisoned. Every time you hold a judgment of an experience, a person, or any event, you feed energy that keeps the imprisonment in place not only for yourself, but also for the particular arena of the experience, the person or the situation.”

Clarence Deigel, in “Experiencing Life Through the Chakras”

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