PONDER on THIS for Thursday, September 7th, 2017 by Polly Campbell in HOW TO LIVE AN AWESOME LIFE

“Bad habits aren’t going to be the only thing slowing down your forward progress. Temptation, fatigue, uncertainty, beliefs, and external factors are a few of the other things that you are probably going to rise up and slam the door to possibility in your face. This is all part of the deal, so you don’t need to worry about adversity; just prepare to move through it. I’m not saying you’ll love the setbacks. You won’t be able to neatly work through everything with a glass of wine and a good laugh – yet those coping strategies are powerful in their own right.

The path through adversity is not always clear. Often it is infuriating, doubt-producing, exhausting, and frustrating – been there, done that. But there is nothing like the satisfaction and joy that come from knowing you kept at it, did your best, and in the end, created something better than before.”

Polly Campbell, in “How to Live an Awesome Life”

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