BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 by Stuart Wilde in INFINITE SELF

“All struggle is ego. It is the pain and anguish that the ego creates—yearning and demanding and fighting to sustain itself. Pull back and get yourself into a position that you can control. If, let’s say, your problem is money, start working on yourself. Most people think the way to get out of money problems is to earn more money. How to handle money is to get back in control of the money you do have. So if you only have $500 a month to live on, you have to think of a way to live in circumstances that don’t cost $800 a month. There is no point in you making five grand a month if your ego is in control and you’re spending seven, because you’re still going to be in financial trouble.

If you have a money imbalance, just pull back inside and quiet the ego. Tell it, “Hey, we don’t need all these things. We don’t need a fancy apartment, we don’t need a fancy car. We just need to establish control first.” That way we don’t have to push and shove to get what we want in life. We can be balanced, take our time, and think about what we’re doing; we can develop discipline and move powerfully into situations.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Infinite Self”

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