BEST of PONDER on THIS for Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 by Stuart Wilde in AFFIRMATIONS

“Just getting through life is not enough. If you have any kind of real goal, you will want to challenge yourself. People find a little rut to follow, and they stick to it. This is because the mind does not like spontaneity or change. People tend to create patterns they are comfortable with, and they pursue that path day in and day out. Everything is fine for 27 years, and then one day there is a bear on the path, and it eats them.

Not only have they not lived, but they have also not listened to their inner feelings that said, “Hey, wait a minute; there is something wrong with the pattern today.” The point is not how long you live; it is the quality and variety of the life you live. The purpose of being in the world is to experience it. If you spend the whole of your life doing exactly the same thing each and every day, time flies and soon old age creeps up and bites you on the bum, before you have had a chance to really experience things.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Affirmations”

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